Online Bingo Chat Basics

Your social skill while playing Bingo is as important as the elements of luck and alertness in this game of chance. Since this game requires you to mingle with different people at social halls, conversations from time to time are expected among players to fully enjoy the benefits and fun offered by the game.

With the inclusion of Bingo to the online world, the social aspects of Bingo have not been cancelled. In fact it is as much a part of the social scene as before. Although players use their respective computers to gain access to an online Bingo site, they are still virtually joined together by the online Bingo game. Thus, players' interaction remains a vital factor in the game.

So, for those who want to try the online Bingo game version, learning the basics of the online Bingo chat vocabulary could help make their game as enjoyable as Bingo games held at Bingo social halls.

Remember, learning the basics of online Bingo chat is like opening a revised edition of a dictionary. So, be prepared.

Following are example of the text words used in the online Bingo parlors:

?4U This expression needs to be learned by new novice online bingo player. Most beginners still need to get used to how an online Bingo game is played. This is a sample of one of most novices first chat phrase. It means "Question, for you." If a player wants to ask fellow players a question or to clear up a procedure then this tool is found to be very easy to use and is common among not only novices but experienced players as well.

10X or TNX If someone has received assistance from another player then this is the most common way of saying thankyou. 10X means "Thanks." Or, it can also be typed as "TYVM" or "Thank you very much."

YW Responding to a 10X or TNX only requires using the first letter of each word You're welcome. Using the first letters in words are common among texting and can easily be used in the Bingo chat rooms as well. YW helps keep the good rapport with a new online friends in the Bingo chat room.

L8R If a player is busy doing something or analyzing different tactics for the next online game and cannot respond to queries from fellow online players, just type "L8R" meaning "later." You can also type "TTYL" for "Talk to you later." But, don't be too rude as to type "CWOT" or "Complete waste of time."

FOCL or LOL Enjoying a humorous conversation? Then, show the fellow online players that the comments are humours and send them the texting famous FOCL which means "Falling off the chair laughing" or "Laughing out Loud".

GL At the start of the online Bingo game, wishing other players "GL" is what they only need. It means "Good Luck!"


Saying goodbye after an enjoyable online game is not hard. a player needs to type out the simple term B4N, which means "Bye for now." Don't worry you'll be seeing your new online friends in the next online Bingo games.

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